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Making Money Move
For Climate Justice

Making Money
Move For
Climate Justice

From Ruins to Resilience

To recover from $40 billion in losses from climate catastrophe flooding, Pakistan needs climate finance to move faster. We make that happen.

Climate Finance Pakistan is a not-for-profit consultancy catalyzing hope into action in the fight against climate change. We offer the services you need with quality you can count on. We are set apart by our team of experts with world class experience in technical projects and delivery of climate finance policy & research.

Climate Focused Impact Investment Fund

We are co-building Pakistan's first climate-only impact fund to ensure that financially viable climate projects in Pakistan can successfully scale up.

Climate Policy With Governments & Multilaterals

We conduct data driven and localized research on climate policies to support governments & multilaterals make evidence-based decisions.

Educating the Masses on Climate Policy

We help the masses understand climate finance & policy discourse through digital awareness, climate talks and seminars/courses at Pakistan’s leading universities.

Project & Financial Consulting

We leverage our expertise in aligning investments with sustainability to provide innovative solutions & structures for climate projects.


The Gap in Climate Finance

Pakistan, along with other countries in the Global South, are disproportionately suffering the consequences of climate change. International pledges to fund climate action are moving too slow. Innovative solutions and strong structures are the need of the hour. We are here to deliver.


Pakistan’s Contribution of Global Carbon Emissions


Pakistan’s Rank – “Countries Most Vulnerable to Long-Term Climate Risk”



What Pakistan Needs to Rebuild After Climate Disaster Floods



What Pakistan Has Gotten So Far from Green Climate Fund

Where Pakistan
Stands Globally

Pakistan, home to 7253 glaciers and a wide array of biodiversity, faces a disproportionate struggle due to the climate crisis. The socio-economic fabric strains under these pressures, amplifying existing challenges and leaving marginalized communities vulnerable. Yet there is hope still. With the voluntary carbon market now valued at $2 billion, and pledges of up to $10 billion to Pakistan for loss & damage, Pakistan can utilize innovative financial tools to fight global boiling and the climate crisis.

Low emissions
Low middle emissions
High middle emissions
High emissions
Hover over the map to see the carbon emissions per capita of each country (2022)
Low risk
Low middle risk
High middle risk
High risk
Hover over the map to see each country’s vulnerability to long term climate risk (2021)

Learn Climate Finance

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